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Air Filters

When it comes to air compressor parts, it can be difficult to know exactly what you may need, and when you may need it. Below we take a look at air filter replacements; what they are, when you need a new one, the differences between the types of air filters, and what products and services Edmac can provide.

What is an Air Compressor Air Filter?

The air we breathe carries many contaminants. At a certain concentration, these contaminants can become harmful or dangerous. Airborne particles, water, microbes, and chemical gases can enter air compressors with the air.

This is where an air filter comes in. An air compressor air filter will do its best to filter out dust, smoke, water, oil and other particles that may be entering the compressor. An Inline filter is slightly different than an air filter, however, they serve the same purpose. Whereas an air filter is designed to filter out larger particles such as dust and oil before it enters the compressor, an air compressor inline filter is designed to filter out smaller particles, like water vapor, after the air is already compressed and in the tank. This usually happens when the air is being pushed out of the compressor. It can be complicated trying to determine what kind of filter you need, so we have explanations for all the different kinds below.

How Do You Know When it is Time to Change Your Air Compressor Filters?

Most of us regularly check our home smoke detectors, our car’s engine, and even the air filters in our homes, but do you regularly check your air compressor air filter?

Regularly checking your air compressor’s air filters can mean the difference between a fully functional compressor and the entire thing breaking down and needing professional repair.

Edmac recommends that you change your air filters at least every 6 months for irregular use. If you or your business is using an air compressor every day, we recommended changing every 2-3 months, depending on how often you check it and clean the air filter you already have.

Make sure you are checking the condition of the filter regularly. In a clean shop, this can be as easy as taking a look and making sure it is unobstructed by dust and other particles.

You might hear of people using compressed air to clean out their filters, and you might even have tried this yourself, but we can’t emphasize enough: DO NOT do this. Not only can using compressed air be dangerous, but it also will not leave your filter completely clean, and you will be left with more problems and expenses in the future. When your air filter is dirty, we recommend changing it; this is an inexpensive, precautionary measure so as not to contaminate your oil.

Now, compare the cost of replacing a compressor because of filter-neglect against the cost of regularly replacing the filters. You might balk at the cost of a quality filter, but compare that to the expense of running an inefficient compressor, cost to your business if the machine fails or replacing the compressor entirely and you will find the filters are a bargain.

The good news is that for the most part, you should be able to replace air filters on your own; they’re easy to swap out. If you are replacing them on your own and need assistance feel free to call our office and ask for the product specialist team at (800) 866-2959.

Edmac offers a huge variety of both OEM and aftermarket air compressor filters you may need for your screw compressor, piston compressor, rotary vane compressor, IR T-30 or Kaeser compressor. We sell a full line of replacement air compressor filter elements. From the major brands to the hard to find, including filters typically found on the air line, like coalescing filters (pre-filters) and particulate filters (after-filters), and filters that are on the compressor itself, like inline filters, air intake filters, and air/oil separators for rotary screw compressors.

Our air compressor filter systems come with an industry leading 1 year manufacturers' warranty and meet the stringent specifications set forth by the OEM's. We guarantee that Edmac will save you money on your routine maintenance when you purchase our high-quality filters. To find the part you need, simply search it in the quick search bar at the top of the page, or call our office toll free at (800) 866-2959.

Different Types of Air Filters

Coalescing Filters

  • Coalescing filters capture oil, moisture, and particles, binding them together until their mass is heavy enough for gravity to send this waste to a drain valve. A coalescer filter is often called a pre-filter because it is usually located prior to an air dryer to prevent oil and particulate from soiling the desiccant.
  • Coalescing filters are vital to a compressed air system ensuring that oil mist and particles do not travel down-line to the point of use. Regular maintenance and replacement of your coalescing filter will also prevent oil from contaminating the desiccant in a twin tower dryer. The soiled desiccant can be costly and will be ineffective when it comes to having moisture-free air.

Particulate Filters (After-Filters)

  • A particulate filter, also known as an after-filter, is usually located just after the desiccant air dryer to capture any fine desiccant particles that may be in the line. If the particulate filter gets soiled more frequently than what is typical for your environment, it may be time to replace the desiccant.

Air Intake Filters

  • No matter what type of air compressor or blower you are using, you should be using an air intake filter. This is the filter right at the beginning of the compression process. Dust, smoke, water, oil spray, and other airborne contaminants can greatly reduce the life of your equipment. Do not allow them to enter your air compressor or blower unfiltered.

Adsorber Filters

  • Adsorbers remove odor from process air and are usually located on the air line after the dryer. Adsorption filters with activated carbon are for adsorption of harmful gases and smells from the air. The largest use of Carbon elements is in the purification of water. Activated carbon achieves the maximum enlargement of the inner and outer surface after the special treatment and so the adsorption area is extremely high - up to 1250 m2 for every gram of active carbon.

Medical Sterile Filters (Breathing Air Filters)

  • Medical Sterile filters have been specifically designed and manufactured for medical compressed air plants. Exceeding the requirements of NFPA 99 standard for Healthcare Facilities, Medical Sterile Filters guarantees reliable and outstanding air purity that meets internationally certified medical performance levels.


At www.Edmac.com, you can find thousands of air filters from all of the major OEM brands, including Ingersoll-Rand. All of our filters meet or exceed OEM specifications and are competitively priced to save money, while still delivering the performance you need. Our filters benefit your equipment by preventing unwanted airborne particles, water, microbes, and chemical gases from entering your compressors.

We sell complete air filter kits as well as individual accessories, and each product we sell is backed by our Edmac Guarantee which makes sure you get fast shipping, excellent customer support, and high-quality performance products.

Feel free to browse our site and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.