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Oil Filters

When it comes to air compressor parts, it can be difficult to know exactly what you may need, and when you may need it. Below we take a look at oil filter replacements; what they are, why an oil-free compressor can still have an oil filter, why you should buy aftermarket oil filters, and what products and services Edmac can provide.

What is an Oil Filter?

Oil filters are normally only found on bigger compressors, like oil-injected screw compressors. As the name suggests, they filter the oil to remove any dirt. In other words, they protect your compressor from damages by dirt, sand, pieces of rust, etc. Dust and dirt will damage the filter element, wear the bearings and clog the oil-separator. Typically, an air compressor oil filter looks like a can with openings on one side. Inside the filter is a paper filter element that folds like a harmonica to create the biggest possible surface area (so that maximum oil can flow through). However, be aware: not all air compressor oil filters are the same. Be sure to check and see if your air compressor requires certain specifications for parts such as the oil filter before you make a purchase.

Why Can an Oil-Free Compressor Still Have an Oil Filter?

Oil filters can also be found on oil-free compressors... but why? Although the air compression is done without oil, the gearbox (on which the compressor elements and motor are installed) contains special gearbox oil that needs to be filtered. Anytime oil is involved, even if it is for a small application such as gearbox lubrication, an oil filter is necessary. Be sure to check if your oil-free air compressor is actually oil-free; improper maintenance or forgetting to change a necessary part can lead to increased maintenance costs down the road. Small reciprocating compressors normally do not have an oil filter, because lubrication happens by the splashing of the crankshaft in the oil bath. In these smaller machines, all you need to do is replace the dirty oil with clean oil occasionally.

Why You Should Buy Aftermarket Oil Filters

Aftermarket oil filters tend to be more attractive to the casual buyer due to their generally lower costs, but people also tend to be more wary of the aftermarket parts because they are not sold from the original manufacturer. While this is a fair worry, it should only apply to bigger parts of air compressors. For example, if you need to have an entire tank replaced, it may be beneficial and cost conscious to get one directly from the company you bought the compressor from. However, this is not always the case with smaller parts, as most of them are built with the same quality and with the same materials as the OEM parts. Aftermarket parts tend to be cheaper, last just as long, and keep your air compressor running at full capacity. In fact, part of Edmac's guarantee to you is that all of our aftermarket parts meet or exceed OEM standards, so you will not have to worry if the product will perform as expected.

At Edmac, we understand the value of your time and money and we aim to provide the best possible price and service so that you can spend less time worrying about your air compressor and more time running your business. Let us help you get the parts you need quickly and at the lowest price by calling our office at (800) 866-2959 where one of our specialists will be happy to speak with you.

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