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Compressor Lubricants / Lubricants


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Why are they important?
The right lubricant in your compressor or dryer isn’t just important. It’s the life blood of the machine, as important as air is to a mammal or water to a fish. The right lubricant is so crucial that you can’t keep your production running at full speed without it. And don’t let anyone convince you that “oil is oil.” Special purpose compressor lubricants are engineered to withstand high pressure and shear. All-purpose lubricants aren’t. It’s that simple. To help ensure superior performance, optimal efficiency, increased equipment longevity and minimal impact on the environment, get lubricants made for the job.

What different types are there?
Edmac stocks literally hundreds of thousands of gallons of American-produced lubricants, oil and coolants for all types of compressors, blowers, dryers and vacuum pumps. Choose from semi and full synthetics, food grade, conventional, silicone, Diester base (including PAO), Performance, Supreme and GR (PAG-Polyaklylene) along with pour-in compatible replacements. We have what you need. Edmac knows which lubricants are recommended for each brand and machine type, and we can help you make the right purchase decision for your needs.

Why does Edmac do it better?
Edmac specializes in sourcing parts for all makes and model of air compressors. It’s what we do – all day, every day – so you can benefit from our knowledge and experience.  Air compressors endure tremendous mechanical stress and they’re engineered to exacting tolerances. When you need replacement parts or maintenance items, it makes sense to use parts designed specifically for your compressor. Edmac has those parts in stock or finds them with minimal fuss, all at guaranteed value for your money. You are also guaranteed the widest selection with genuine OEM parts or high-performance equivalents from our aftermarket range. At Edmac, you get to choose!

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