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What we offer

Air compressors endure tremendous mechanical stress, so they’re engineered to exacting tolerances. When you need replacement parts or maintenance items, it just makes sense to use parts designed for your compressor.
Special purpose compressor lubricants – engineered to withstand high pressure and shear – help ensure optimal efficiency and increased equipment longevity with minimal impact on the environment.
The right filters optimize performance, too. Without proper flow, operating efficiency can drop 3%. For a 200 horsepower air compressor running 24/7 at 8 cents per kWh, the right filter can save over $3,000 a year!
As desiccant becomes soiled and breaks down over time, it becomes less effective. If your filters are fouling more quickly than before, it’s time to replace your desiccant.
Edmac offers the right parts, lubricants and consumables for your specific make and model air compressor – delivered to you fast and at a great value.

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