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About Us

Atlas Copco USA - Edmac Blue Filter
Edmac and Performance Filtration have joined together to provide every customer with an unrivalled experience for sourcing and purchasing compressor parts, accessories including dryers and lubricants.

We are now simply known as Edmac, and we are proud to be a parts specialist because we know that every part matters. The right parts keep clean, vital, energy-efficient air flowing to all of your critical production processes. We understand that you can’t afford downtime – not even for a minute.

Edmac is running full speed from our state-of-the-art, 150,000 sq. ft. North American Service Center in Charlotte, NC. We are better equipped, fully staffed and have over $1 million of inventory in stock – Which we believe is more than anyone else in the U.S.

Atlas Copco USA - Edmac Filter
To maximize compressed air productivity and to keep your costs to a minimum, you need the right parts designed for your compressor. Edmac gets that and is focused on your needs every day. Take lubricants as an example - they manage friction so your compressor element has a longer life and works at the highest efficiency levels to reduce your operating costs all year long. The right lubricant for your compressor helps to ensure:

• Increased equipment durability and longevity
• Optimal efficiency and productivity
• Minimal impact on the environment

It’s the same with filters. The right filter helps every compressor run more efficiently. A clogged or blocked filter can drop efficiency 3-5%. Is that such a big deal? Consider a manufacturer that runs a 200 horsepower air compressor 24/7 at 8 cents per kWh. It costs $110,062 a year to operate that compressor – and the right filter can save over $3,000! If you have more than one compressor - the savings pile up even faster.

Insist on the right parts for your compressor. Edmac has lubricants, filters, dryer parts & desiccant and replacement parts made for your compressor, in stock, and available right now.

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