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Desiccant / Desiccant


Atlas Copco USA- Oil and Dessicant
Why is it so important?
Ambient air contains moisture, and when air is compressed that moisture gets concentrated. Desiccant removes moisture from your compressed air stream. With continued use and regeneration, desiccant becomes saturated and no longer adsorbs moisture effectively. It becomes soiled and breaks down. How can you tell when it’s time to replace your desiccant? Some desiccants change color when they need to be replaced, but if your filters are fouling more quickly than before, or if pneumatic lines, controls or tools contain moisture, then it’s time to replace your desiccant.

What different types are there?
Different desiccant formulations are designed to remove moisture with different drying methods including heatless regeneration, heated purge regeneration, heated blower purge regeneration, heat of compression regeneration and manual regeneration. No matter what type of desiccant you need for your dryer, Edmac stocks it. We have molecular sieves for critical applications that require dew points of -100°F. We have truckloads of American-made F-200 1/8” & 3/16” & 1/4” activated alumina, deliquescent (Dry-O-Lite), and silica gel in 50# bags. Need a complete pallet? Ask us about quantity discounts.

Why does Edmac do it better?
Edmac specializes in sourcing parts for all makes and model of air compressors. It’s what we do – all day, every day – so you can benefit from our knowledge and experience.  Air compressors endure tremendous mechanical stress and they’re engineered to exacting tolerances. When you need replacement parts or maintenance items, it makes sense to use parts designed specifically for your compressor. Edmac has those parts in stock or finds them with minimal fuss, all at guaranteed value for your money. You are also guaranteed the widest selection with genuine OEM parts or high-performance equivalents from our aftermarket range. At Edmac, you get to choose!

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