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Air and Oil Separators / Air/Oil Separators

Air/Oil Separators

Atlas Copco USA - Edmac Blue Filter
Why are they important?
Air and oil mix – and therein lies a potential problem. Residual oil in your compressed air negatively impacts everything in your process, from the distribution network to pneumatic controls to production equipment. And if compressed air contacts your product at any point, your production quality can be compromised. For oil-injected air compressors, the air/oil separator is an absolutely critical component of your compressed air system. It’s just that simple. You don’t want to gamble with something which is not fit for the purpose, so you need the right air/oil separator for your compressor, with guaranteed quality and with the longest service life.

What different types are there?
Edmac stocks literally hundreds of thousands of air/oil separators. We stock American-made high quality separators for every make and model of compressor in the market today. We have coalescing oil separators, moisture separators, desiccant systems, single and multi-stage units, combination systems, regulator systems, and purpose-designed filters. If you are experiencing oil separator pressure drop or differential build up, or if you are experiencing oil carryover downstream of your air/oil separator, don’t delay a proper maintenance procedure, repair or upgrade. Edmac can help by sourcing the parts you need to get the job done right.

Why does Edmac do it better?
Edmac specializes in sourcing parts for all makes and model of air compressors. It’s what we do – all day, every day – so you can benefit from our knowledge and experience.  Air compressors endure tremendous mechanical stress and they’re engineered to exacting tolerances. When you need replacement parts or maintenance items, it makes sense to use parts designed specifically for your compressor. Edmac has those parts in stock or finds them with minimal fuss, all at guaranteed value for your money. You are also guaranteed the widest selection with genuine OEM parts or high-performance equivalents from our aftermarket range. At Edmac, you get to choose!

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